Learning UI/UX

There are two part to UX Design:

  • The UI Part: One that deals with the Visual, Aesthetic and Design
  • The UX Part: One that deals with User Psychology and Ergonomics.

If you are totally new to this field, I suggest you start with the easier one, the UI Design part. Understand the principles of Design, learn about UI Patterns and UI differences between devices and OS. Once you are comfortable with it and can wireframe UI Solution for a given problem you can start exploring the UX part of it, like the general User Psychology Principles and then move on to User specific requirements through user Research.

For UI, there are you can start with these:

Learning UX

There are two ways to go about learning about UX Design. One is to get Educated and the other is two get Qualified. Now let me explain the difference between the two. To get educated means to gain knowledge, with or without a certification to prove so. This requires more discipline and research but is generally more affordable. The second is by enrolling in some UX courses and getting certified.

My suggestion is if you are a beginner, you start with a basic certification program, which I will cover later, to quickly get an overview of the profession and also get connected to others in the similar field. Then later on if you are still interested, get yourself educated and make sure you practice a lot. And finally, if you are still interested and would like to take your UX career to the next level, do a Premium Certification course.

So quickly listing them in here:

Getting Educated:

Free Ones

Moderately Charged

Mobile App Designing

Getting Qualified:

Premium Classroom Courses

Designer and UX Gurus to Follow:

Video Collections:


One-off videos:

Free E-Books: