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Thanks for the visit. This is where I share my thoughts and works relating to anything under the sun, but since I am passionate about UX, most posts would be related to UX design field. I hope you will find this site informative or perhaps just enjoy reading some of my blogs posts 🙂

hsu-ka-anAbout Me

I am Hsu Ka An a.k.a Robert. I am a third generation Indian Chinese and an HFI – Certified Usability Analyst.

I have been in the UX Role for the last 6 years. I am currently working as a Sr. UX Designer in Quantum Inventions, a company that deals with Digital Mobility Solutions like GPS and Logistics Tracking. Prior to that, I worked in Web Spiders Pvt. Ltd.

A bit more about me

Here you will find…

  • Writings: Mostly rants or Praises on anything UX around me.
  • Works: A collection of the Projects that I had undertaken
  • UX In the Wild: Examples of UX Implementations I have come across